Hi and welcome!
My name is Kaili Blacklock-Hind

I am a Certified Therapeutic Dance Practitioner. I offer Somatic Movement Practices, Conscious Dance, and supportive Ecotherapy processes.

Somatic Movement Practices for greater self awareness and embodied presence. Conscious Dance for aligning with your body and the earths natural intelligence, fuller self appreciation and authentic expression. Ecotherapy to promote a healing and unifying relationship with nature.
It brings me delight to support the fuller expression and enjoyment of who you are through such practices. I work with individuals and groups.

Do you feel something is holding you back from expressing yourself fully in movement or life?

Please join me in reclaiming your body and dance!

I would be honoured to help you deepen your practice of listening inwardly and moving and expressing from a place of connectedness. Together we can work with any objectives or goals you may have.

By integrating your mind/body relationship you can expect progress toward making healthy shifts in your relationship to self, others and your joyous life.

"Very little grows on jagged rock. Be ground. Be crumbled, so wildflowers will come up where you are. You have been stony for too many years. Try something different. Surrender." ~Rumi

Let’s Connect! Contact me to receive information on upcoming offerings, to book a session or for more information.


Opening Portals for Creative, Heart-Full Moving & Living

I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Contemporary Dance from Simon Fraser University and am a Certified Open Floor Movement Teacher and Yoga Instructor.

My appetite for somatic intelligence and wellness has led to extensive studies in dance and movement therapy, somatic psychology and eco-therapy/psychology.

In the last 10 years, I have led many therapeutic dance workshops and classes in British Columbia; Including sessions in Vancouver, Squamish, the Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center in Paradise Valley, and at the Hollyhock Leadership Center on Cortes Island.

My continued interest is in supporting others on a journey of re-connecting with embodied wholeness, radical self-acceptance and opening portals for creative, heart-full moving and joyful living!

My Journey

My journey has been learning how to experience this life from a place of embodied presence; rooted, connected and resourced within. To feel the innate goodness and connectedness that lives through all beings. My formal studies began with a yoga journey to India when I was 21, followed by over a decade of learning and teaching gentle and restorative (Vijnana inspired) hatha yoga, which lies at the foundation of my offerings.

With a voracious appetite for experiential learning and the healing arts, in 2003 I studied two years of Homeopathic Medicine followed by extensive studies in somatic (body-based) movement-inquiry practices. I dove into somatics courses including: Laban/Bartenieff work, Feldenkrais Method, Franklin Method, Classical Pilates and some Body Mind Centering. I was especially drawn to movement practices that shared a quality of mindfulness at their core and integrated mind, body, heart and spirit.

After attending countless hours of somatic workshops in the practices of: 5 Rhythms, Soulmotion, Contact Improvisation, Continuum (Montage), Hakomi, Gestalt Awareness Practice, internationally and largely in California; I found my way to Open Floor International Movement School in the San Francisco Bay area.

Open Floor felt like the perfect amalgamation of all my studies in one beautiful, profound offering. I became certified as an Open Floor movement teacher following a two year program in California and France in May 2017.

Learning Balance

As a sensitive and empathic introvert, the expressive arts were essential in teaching me the importance and health of balancing impressions with expression. In other words for everything I took in like a sponge I needed to find a way to empty out, offer back and release the overloaded thoughts, feelings, and energy I had absorbed.

I was desperate for a creative outlet. I listened more than spoke, was shy to be seen, held in emotions, people pleased, had difficulty articulating my feelings verbally and felt a disconnect between what was happening inside and how I expressed outwardly. For all that I had suppressed out of fear of judgement that I was different and did not belong, the cost was loosing connection with my inner voice and knowing, my creativity, natural gifts and joy. Fortunately this opened the door to my greatest passion, Conscious Dance and Ecotherapy.

Good Medicine

Conscious Dance and Somatic Movement Practices are like good medicine. They offer a map to presence and a fun, nourishing outlet to learn about self, explore relationship with others, discover a sense of belonging with community and deepen connection with spirit and nature. These practices can teach us how to listen to our intuitive body sense, in order to better understand our feelings and needs and offer a beautiful, creative way to honour them. A path towards balance and wholeness.

What is Open Floor?

A healing movement meditation practice and lively dance inquiry into what it is to be a breathing, thinking, feeling soulful human being. The emphasis is to awaken our sensate experience, emotional intelligence, and relational skills. Through exploring elements of embodiment: breath, gravity, center, expansion and contraction, we move to include our whole humanity as choreography for creative dances. We use the shared language of dance to re-awaken and re-connect. As an embodied method of healing, it is simple and powerful. For more information visit openfloor.org

What is Continuum Movement?

A creative exploration of intrinsic movement, including micromovement, which builds capacity for feeling and following sensation and connecting to life at the level of elemental and energetic process, fluid dynamics, and life force expression. Continuum Montage is Susan Harper’s holistic approach that also includes practices for opening and transforming habits of attention, perception, and relating as well as inquiry into themes of longing, belonging, intimacy, full hearted embodiment, and creative imagination. For more information go to continuummontage.com

"More than ever before our health and the health of our living planet depends on the realization that body and landscape are inextricably connected. The bigger inquiry is how can we best and most responsibly inhabit our bodies and the planet?"
(Adapted from Nadine Saxton)


Movement by Nature

Growing up on a small gulf island in BC spending limitless time in nature, close to the ocean; the wilderness has always been my sacred place of refuge. I have found immense joy and healing in weaving together Somatic Movement and Conscious Dance practices in nature. The Ecotherapy processes and movement meditations I incorporate are widely inspired by the work of my teacher Susan Harper of Continnum Montage and Buddhist Meditation Teacher and Psychologist Tara Brach. The therapeutic dance map I use is mainly sourced from Open Floor, a comprehensive, somatic-psychology based approach to Conscious Dance from my masterful teachers Kathy Altman, Lori Saltzman, Andrea Juhan, Vic Cooper and Zuza Englar.

In combination with many influential movement teachers along the way and the full extent of my studies, Movement by Nature was born. Essentially an approach to experience place and nature from an embodied perspective, meeting ones environment with the whole self present. Learning to to maintain inner awareness while attending to the outer world. Allowing authentic expression to unfold in response and reflection of ones inner state. Moving from the inside out.

My workshops are facilitated both indoors and out, which varies the processes I draw on. However I prefer to span my offerings to include both.

The nature practices include various perceptual processes that support connecting with and receiving impressions from the natural environment via our senses. By attuning to our environment, we can awaken our ability to contact and feel the living eco-system and elements within us. The practice of being fully resonant with nature in a state of connected oneness, can be exceptionally healing on many levels. Learning to widen ones lens of perceiving, shifting from narrow versions of reality and suffering to a larger more inclusive reality is a key element of the work.

Somatic, nature-based practices can reflect our truth and true calling, restore a sense of wholeness and repair trauma. The practices can invite us to embody on a nervous system level 'missing experiences' healing patterns of relating. We can learn to be felt, seen, accepted and included by larger bodies or energies.

Nature Heals

“Nature is both within and around us. The only separation is in the mind. By arriving in the present moment, we can experience this oneness. In this way, we can embrace that which is real - get into the greater flow of life and bring our unique gifts into each moment. We can get there by fully embodying our senses - then we realize we've been there all along, we just had to remember.” adapted from ~Josh Lane, 8 Shields Institute.

Tim Brieske MD from the Chopra Center explains; "...From an Ayruvedic standpoint of health, finding time each day to direct attention toward our senses in the context of the five great elements: space, air, fire, water, and earth, allows us to more fully appreciate our lives. Since our mind-body system is a unified, indivisible manifestation of nature, giving our attention and appreciation to this experience allows balance and healing to emerge."

Modern research recognizes that time in nature provides us with a 'restorative experience'. Movement in nature is recommended for boosting our mood, self-esteem, creativity and over health and wellbeing.

Please Join Me

"Spending a week dancing with Kaili in Squamish alternating between the lush green wilderness and indoor sessions was a beautiful, affirming and super fun time! Kaili was able to help me turn my resistance and fear into authentic play, filled with laughter and tears. She held space for deep transformation to occur. It was such a relief to feel back in my body and take refuge there. I am still dreaming about the waterfall ritual and abundant possibility for the kind of love I want in my life. I feel grounded, brave and whole." ~ Annie Shwartzman ~ Filmmaker, New York


In the shared quiet, an invitation arises like a white dove lifting from a limb and taking flight. Come and live in truth. Take your place in the flow of grace. Draw aside the veil you thought would always separate your heart from love. All you ever longed for is before you in this moment, if you dare draw in a breath and whisper “yes.” ~ Danna Faulds

Do you:

want more dance in your life but are not sure how or where to start?feel disconnected or stuck in your body, health regime or life? feel incongruent with how you feel inside and how you express outwardly?feel self-conscious or anxious in groups or while dancing and long to feel confident, present and grounded in your body?struggle with valuing yourself, accessing self-love and compassion?feel isolated or disconnected, like you don't belong?

One-to-One Sessions...

In 75-minute individual sessions we inquire with curiosity and kindness into what may be needing your attention. We routinely work to invite, become aware of and move with, your creativity, imagination and the innate healing wisdom of your body.

Practicing authentic expression can be extremely empowering and freeing. I will provide you with tools to feel well-resourced from within and at home in your body in a loving and present way. This practice can support you in creating new possibilities for moving with ease and relating with others.

Together we work to integrate your internal experience and shift your external expression to ensure alignment.

To integrate the work into your daily life, I will help you create an individualized self-care practice. Which can include a movement meditation ritual and other grounding self care practices to help you feel connected and inspired to meet your life with the energy you desire.

You can expect to move and engage somatically and perceptually both indoors and in the surrounding wilderness if you choose. Moving with the natural elements and world is a reminder of our inherent wholeness and connection to the larger living natural world.

Additionally, I create 3-5 day customized retreats for individuals and groups, in local or foreign locations. Please contact me for details.

"To the right mind, no time exists other than the present moment, and each moment is vibrant with sensation. The experience of joy happens in the present moment. Our perception and experience of connection with something that is greater than ourselves occurs in the present moment. To our right mind, the moment of now is timeless and abundant." ~ Jill Bolte Taylor, My Stroke of Insight.

Fees: 85$ CAD/ 75minute session in person or via skype. Or 4 sessions/$300


"Kaili holds a beautiful and safe space for the exploration and medicine of movement to unfold, with the perfect music to get you moving. Her style is nurturing and heart-centered." Audrey Geber ~ Vijnana Yoga Teacher and Massage Practitioner, Squamish BC

Please stay tuned for upcoming 2018 Movement workshops in Squamish, BC


Open Floor Sea to Sky workshops

Open Floor Vancouver classes

Rooting Inner Rhythms workshop

Just Dance Vancouver

Urban Dance Rituals

Semperviva Yoga

Eco-Video Projects

Present and future creative projects include the intersection between communion with nature and film, and raising funds and awareness for ocean and marine life protection and conservation. Mammals of the sea, especially whales and dolphins have been my teachers of primordial wisdom and wholeness. My affinity and reverence for these highly intelligent creatures who are known for demonstrating altruistic, empathic social behaviour, continues to remind me the importance of 'protecting what we love' and putting kindness into action. I hope you will join me in the coalescing of these projects. I would be happy to support you in making your own Movement by Nature short video.

Somatic Movement Exploration: exploring your structure, fluid system and creativity in motion.

Somatic Movement Exploration. Moving as if, with purple jellyfish. Music by Jon Hopkins, Abandon Window.

Somatic Movement Exploration with Tara Brach's meditation "Opening to the River of Aliveness". Music "Opalescent" by Jon Hopkins.

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Moving Improv on Cortes Island with Niomi Starspires.

Movement meditation in Biarritz, France. Moving with the energy of the land. Music Un World Mysteriouse by Dimitri from Paris

Somatic Movement by Nature ~ Wind exploration. Music "Wood" by Rostam

Settle into the here and now. Reach down into the center where the world is not spinning and drink this holy peace. Feel relief flood into every cell. Nothing to do. Nothing to be but what you already are. Nothing to receive but what flows effortlessly from the mystery into form. Nothing to run from or toward. Just this breath, awareness knowing itself as embodiment. Just this breath, awareness waking up to truth. ~Dana Faulds, from Root to Bloom.


"We are all dancers of life, we need to move and be moved." Nadine Saxton